GFBNEC Exhibit Opening: Save the Date!

Post written by Chris Brusatte, Exhibit Manager at Go For Broke National Education Center

good room view

Well, the New Year is upon us – 2016.  For thepast 25 months, I have been excited for this year.  2016: the year that our new, dynamic, state-of-the-art exhibition opens to the public.  The year that thousands of visitors will begin streaming through our doors.  The year that the Japanese American World War II legacy will reach new, younger, and larger audiences.

Our Los Angeles-based exhibition now officially has an opening date: Saturday May 28.  We will hold a public celebration and honor the surviving veterans.  We will host dignitaries, scholars, educators, students, and supporters.  We will cry, laugh, and learn.  And then, the first of many visitors will explore our exhibition, learning about the heroic Japanese American WWII generation and the lessons that they can impart to today’s hectic times.

And our exhibition could not exist without the wealth of materials from our archives.  Our exhibits draw from the approximately 1,200 oral history interviews and thousands of photographs in our collection.  The men and women whom we honor are brought to life by the stunning photographs and harrowing interviews which we feature onsite.  The interactive games are made special by the quotes, documents, images, and stories that we have found in our arc
hives.  Our collections team has been hard at work digitizing and preparing materials for the exhibition.  Our exhibition will be vibrant, personal, and educational specifically because of their efforts.

So please mark down May 28 on your calendar.  We would love to have you present at this special event, when we open up our new exhibition to the world!  More information will be forthcoming as the date approaches, and you can contact me at at any time for further details.  This is an event that you will not want to miss, and it is an exhibition that will hopefully ignite passion, courage, and tolerance in today’s world.

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