Check Us Out on Social Media!

Post written by Chris Brusatte, Exhibit Manager at Go For Broke National Education Center

We want to share our photographs and oral histories with the world! We truly feel that the stories that they capture are important for all to learn, and we know that so many people would be inspired once they saw them. We sincerely wish that every person, young and old alike, could view what we have in our incredible archives.

But like most institutions, we face a dilemma – how do we reach so many people, most of whom will never have the chance to visit our organization in person? How do we reach hundreds of millions of people, even if they never come through our doors?

Luckily, we live in the 21st century. Our footprint has grown, thanks merely to the existence of online platforms. Our website has long been a source of in-depth content about our organization and the Japanese American World War II story. And – thanks in large part to energetic support from around the country – we have finally established ourselves as a popular “go to” spot on social media.

Over the past year, we have completely re-energized our Facebook page. We feature regular daily content, share archival photographs and videos, and engage in real-time discussions about our images and oral histories. We simultaneously do the same with our Twitter community. If you haven’t yet joined the discussion, check us out:

Our YouTube site also gives us a chance to share our oral history videos. While we are currently working on a much more expansive platform to share all of our oral history interviews online, for the time-being, make sure to check us out at:

Finally, our hard-working staff has started this blog. We felt that we needed a more “personal” way to share our collections, and the result is what you are reading now. I truly hope that you enjoy our bloggers and the passion that they show. And perhaps most importantly, I hope that you find this blog an ideal platform to learn more about our “gems” from the archives!


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