About the Authors: Gavin Do

Post written by Gavin Do, Associate Archivist at Go For Broke National Education Center

My name is Gavin Do, and I was recently hired to join the Go For Broke team as an Associate Archivist. My main responsibility thus far has been indexing the Hanashi Oral History Interviews collected from the Nisei soldiers of the 100th Battalion, 442nd Regiment, and the Military Intelligence Service. Erin (our Assistant Archivist) and Summer (our Project Manager) have already done so much great work on indexing and providing a clear workflow for the process, and they have helped make my transition to the project very easy and manageable.

While this is only my second week working at GFBNEC (and the first week was spent rapidly preparing for our Evening of Aloha Gala Dinner) I have learned so much about the Nisei soldiers and their massive contributions to the American effort during World War II. Learning that the 442nd is the most decorated unit in the history of the United States military was an eye-opening fact (considering the discrimination and injustice they faced) that makes me very proud to work for GFBNEC. Two hours into my first day on the job, I was able to meet some of the Veterans and their families, and that was an extremely rewarding experience that I will always remember. Preserving and spreading the story of these courageous Veterans is our priority, and I am ecstatic to be contributing to the cause.

With my future posts, I hope to keep everyone updated on the progress we are making on the Hanashi Oral History Project and other great work that we are doing here at GFBNEC.


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