About the Authors: Sean Stanley

Post written by Sean Stanley, Intern at Go For Broke National Education Center

My name is Sean Stanley, and I am an intern at the Go For Broke National Education Center. I am a graduate of Cal Poly Pomona with a B.A. in History and will be starting my M.A. in Library and Information Studies in the spring. In addition to interning, I also work part time for Claremont Heritage, a local heritage organization in Claremont, CA that deals with digital archiving and preservation of historic items. History is a great passion of mine and in the short time I have been with the GFBNEC, I have already learned so much.

I started interning at the GFBNEC in July of this year and I am currently working on indexing the Hanashi Oral History Interviews of Japanese American World War II veterans. The interviews are extremely enlightening and interesting; each veteran has a unique story that really brings to life what the World War II era was like for Japanese Americans. I often feel that this area of history is glossed over or not covered as it should be, which is really a disservice to all Japanese Americans who experienced a life of discrimination and struggle during World War II. In working with the oral histories, I have learned so much about our Nisei soldiers who served in the 442nd and 100th Infantry Battalions as well as the Military Intelligence Service throughout the Pacific Theater. These brave men sacrificed their lives for a country that did not always treat them justly, yet are proud veterans who served and protected their country valiantly.

The Hanashi Oral Histories are an extremely important historic tool and I am grateful to be helping preserve these resources for future generations. It is my hope that this project allows others to gain easier access to these interviews and help preserve the legacy of the Nisei soldiers of World War II.


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