About the Authors: Alan Hino

Post written by Alan Hino, Intern at Go For Broke National Education Center

My name is Alan Hino, and I am an Intern at the Go For Broke National Education Center. I am a graduate from CSULB as an English Education major with an emphasis in Literature. I will shortly begin working towards an M.S. in Instructional Design. I began working for the organization in July, and I am currently working on indexing the GFBNEC’s Hanashi Oral History Interviews of Japanese American World War II veterans.

I became very interested in both the 442nd Regimental Combat Team, as well as my family history, when I found out my Uncle Hobi Fujiu volunteered for service in the 442nd as a part of the Anti-Tank Company. In addition, my Uncle Tom Shishido was drafted into service out of Manzanar with the Military Intelligence Service (MIS) and served under General MacArthur. I am extremely proud of my Uncles and their brave service to their country. I am so thankful for the opportunity to work on my Uncle Hobi’s Hanashi Oral History Interview video clips.

My hope for working on such an amazing project as the Hanashi Oral History Interviews is to help educate future generations about the legacies of the 442nd / 100th Infantry Battalion / MIS. Finally, I am very appreciative for the opportunity to work on such an important project.


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