About the Authors: Chris Brusatte

Post written by Chris Brusatte, Exhibit Manager at Go For Broke National Education Center

My name is Chris Brusatte, and I am the Exhibit Manager at Go For Broke National Education Center. My primary job is working on our new interpretive exhibition, set to open next spring in Los Angeles’ historic Little Tokyo district.

I also work on many of our social media initiatives, updating our Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr pages. I try to post fresh and interesting things as often as I can.

Finally, I also work with our Vice President Barbara Watanabe on programs – i.e. community events such as lectures, panel discussions, and visits to area schools. It’s the way that we reach out directly to our stakeholders.

I work closely with Summer and Erin (our Collections/Archival staff), since they are the source of all of the material that I use for all of these initiatives. When I need a great oral history clip, or a certain photograph, or perhaps a powerful document, I turn to Summer and Erin. It is their hard work that allows me to find (and to show) such valuable gems from our collection. Because of them, I am able to make our exhibition, our programs, and our social media updates rich and informative. Be sure to check them out!

Stay tuned for more blog posts from me, mostly about the initiatives that I mentioned above. We at Go For Broke have such a valuable, diverse, and rich collection, and we are excited to share it with you through this blog!


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